DJ’s Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. offers the best cost effective CAD-CAM solution that gives you total control over the entire Computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing Modeling and drafting process effectively. We provide you the CAD-CAM Services in the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Residential, Commercial, Architectural, Civil Design and Landscape regions.CAD outsourcing services is your greatest source for CAD drafting services. We are experienced in all phases of the architectural, engineering and building industry. We provide a full range of cad drafting service including design development, building plans, construction documents, as-built drawings, and mechanical, electrical, electronic and plumbing drawings.

We have a wonderful team of Creative Animators Mastering in the art of animation; they can create anything out-of-the-box designs, layouts and models. Get the best rendering, modeling and texturing for 3D models exclusively at our place. Have the most appealing 3D models in multifarious choices at our place. Thus defining DJ’s 3D Modeling Services India as one of the best in the business would not be and exaggeration.

We specialize exclusively in the CAD-CAM :

  •     Design Development
  •     Recreating Drawings
  •     Drafting and Modeling
  •     Animated Films Creation
  •     Data Exchange and Translation
  •     Preparing Fabrication Drawings
  •     Forensic Support Animation Work
  •     Drafting and Detailing Services in 3D environment
  •     Product and Concept Designing and 2D and 3D modeling
  •     Converting/Remaking and Integrating Drawings/Technical Documents

Why to prefer DJ’s Outsourcing Services for your CAD-CAM requirements:

DJs Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. CAD-CAM service providing engineers team is capable of completing the project with quick turnaround time. Our engineers and consultants with strong finite element analysis and experimental testing backgrounds produce the most desirable results. And so, for these legs of reasons, you can rest-assure that your projects will be handled by the best people that will ensure you with the best quality and accuracy. We are working for 24*7. And so, we are able to interact and serve our client needs at any moment of time which is not going to be bleak for us. DJ’s Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. Services work closely with clients by utilizing applications such as AutoCAD, MicroStation ADT, MDT, Inventor, Pro-E, Solid Edge, Solid Works, MS Visio, and 2020 Technologies to assist them in a wide range of CAD- CAM Design. DJ’s Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. Services is India based 3D models service, provides custom-made 3D modelling solutions for any type of 3D Modelling project.

The types of 3D Modelling Services that we offer to industries in India and Overseas are:



  •  Surfacing
  •  Animation
  •  Exploded Assembly
  •  Product design and its modeling
  •  3D of Manufacturing components and their assembly
  •  3D Assembly modeling of automobile components, aviation parts, automated assembly line etc.
  •  3D Sectional views of Pipe section, Industrial Air Blower, Aircraft wing, Engine block assembly, Heat exchanger etc.
  •  Assembly Interference Check wherein design flaws of the individual parts are rectified.

In DJ’s Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. you do not have to worry about time period, you can expect your projects to be completed within a stipulated time. Our highly skilled 3D professionals when producing a photo-realistic and conceptual image make sure that a high quality standard is maintained.

DJ’s Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. extremely qualified & experienced team of CAD engineers can bring-out your innovative ideas into the 3D models quite inventively and efficiently that too at a dirt cheap price.

CAD CONVERSION SERVICES to get your CAD Conversion work done at a very reasonable price with 100% quality guaranteed work, just tell us your requirements, we have enough resources and rich experience to equip to your needs.


DJ’s Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. gives you following CAD Conversion services:

  • Conversion of Raster to Vector
  •  Topological Data Conversion into an Object Data
  •  Integration of External Database into the Vector Data
  •  Exporting Object Data Conversion to an External Database Table
  •  Image and Vector Data Projection into a Desired Coordinate Systems
  •  Clean-up of Complex Vector Data of Point, Line and Polygon Features
  •  Creation and Attachment of an Attribute Object Data to a Specified Object


We offer CAD Conversion support for digitalizing a wide range of documents including the following:

  •     Architectural Drawings
  •     Engineering Drawings
  •     Mechanical Drawings
  •     Civil Drawings
  •     Machine Drawings
  •     Cabling Layouts
  •     Historical Archives
  •     Elevations
  •     Survey Maps
  •     Construction Documents
  •     Utility Plans
  •     Site Plans
  •     Floor Plans Details


DJ’s Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. Services is an offshore outsourcing company that specializes in AutoCAD Drafting Services. We render high-class, economically worthwhile and reliable CAD solutions to our clients all over the world. We provide AutoCAD drafting services to our customers in the regions of Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Petrochemical Piping design.We have cohesive & dedicated team of experts for making the sections from 3D Architectural Model. Civil Design, Civil Design 3D, and Civil Design Professionals lets data-specific objects to be utilized, allowing the standard civil engineering calculations to be done and represent with no trouble.

Generation of designs for sub-assemblies and final assemblies using a top down or bottom up approach.


In cases where physical components are available without dimensional data, reverse engineering is used to generate data from the available product, resulting in the saving of time and resources. Our engineers are adept in creating 3D models, assemblies, detailed drawings, manufacturing drawings and generating manufacturing data from any given physical products/ components, using the latest CMM/ laser scanners.