Customer Support

DJ’s outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. customer support services has made special voice and non-voice programs to meet your company’s outsourcing objectives.

DJ’s outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. is aware of our clients? BPO requirement and we are providing services like 24 hours inbound call centre services, content & website moderation, ISP support and many more with cost effective way.We ensure your customers? Experience with our call centre/customer support team in positive manner.

With use of advance telecommunication systems, customer need are serviced quickly and efficiently.


Customer support Services, which are inbound in nature, like providing customer/client services or technical support functions, are handled by Inbound Call Centers. Typically, they provide the following services:

DJ’s outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. is providing inbound in nature services to client or technical support functions

We provide customer support services in following:

  •     Customer support services
  •     Information support
  •     Invoicing support services
  •     Delivery information and status support
  •     Customer support solutions
  •     Business Feedback
  •     Customer Opinion
  •     Product Survey
  •     Chat support: Web Call Back, Web Push
  •     Deal closing support
  •     Delivery information support
  •     Invoicing and order filling solutions
  •     Research and survey support
  •     Event management support
  •     Collections support
  •     Competitor update

Customer support Services, which are outbound in nature, like providing telemarketing or appointment filling services. The following is some of the outbound call center services:

DJ’s outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. is providing following outbound call center services:

  •     Telemarketing
  •     Appointment fixing
  •     Deal closing support
  •     Dynamic order filling services
  •     Customer satisfaction surveys
  •     Payment reminder
  •     Debt Collection
  •     Credit card verification solutions
  •     Outsourcing program notice
  •     Advertising and brand management solutions
  •     Follow-up calls and mailers
  •     Business correspondence assistance
  •     Registration and confirmation functions to a call center