Medical Billing

Medical billing is the practice of submitting claims to Insurance companies or various government entities in order to receive payment for services provided to a patient by a medical doctor or other licensed health care provider. Medical billers usually work away from the public eye in the claims processing office, or in the billing department of a medical office, clinic or hospital. Many well trained and experienced billers set up their own home-based businesses.

Medical Billing and Coding is a job where you fill out the HCFA claim form with the appropriate ICD-9 codes and bill the insurance company on behalf of the doctor.

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A recent American Hospital Association survey showed that about 18% of medical billing and coding positions remain unfilled due to a lack of qualified candidates, while the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that medical coding and billing will remain among the top fastest growing occupations for many years to come.


Fact is: over 500,000 practicing physicians and hospitals in the USA rely heavily on medical coders and billers for better customer services, and to get paid for their services. However, before you dive right into the medical coding profession, you should have a clear picture of the educational requirements, training avenues, earning potential, home business funding options, as well as possible pitfalls of the medical coding career. Knowing what to expect, and where the challenges lie will provide you with the right tools to succeed on your chosen career path.
One thing that is definitely in your favor is the US Labor Department’s prediction that medical coders and billers will always remain in high demand. Obviously, there are people, such as doctors that want to get paid! Since they don’t have the time and expertise to deal with health insurance and reimbursement claims, they call on the skills and knowledge of Medical coders and billers, of course.


Medical billing and coding specialists work for practicing physicians and licensed health care practitioners in small to large group practices, dental offices, pharmacies, nursing homes, medical care facilities and clinics, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, insurance companies, health maintenance organizations (HMO’s), and health data organizations, and those who persevere often work from home


  • Coding specialists
  • Patient account representatives
  • Discharge planners
  • Health Insurance Specialists
  • Practice managers
  • Claims analysts, processors, reviewers (both for providers and insurance companies)
  • Collectors (also a good home-based business)