Software Products

Under our service of software development we have developed softwares for our clients.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Dj’s Outsourcing’s Human Resource Management System(HRMS) provide a simple, cost-effective and complete solution to manage human resources for your organization.

Our HRMS includes different modules for personnel and organization information providing multiple access. In today’s competitive market place, Our HRMS helps you ensure that your organization has the right people in the right roles at the right time and we know effective management of your crucial organization asset – people is vital in growing your organization.

Software development in Sales Force Automation
ISFA – CRM brochure


Our ISFA-CRM modules help to make easy in sales process and marketing. It save the time of sales and marketing representatives and help them to pursue more clients in a shorter amount of time. ISFA-CRM provides sales force automation by centralizing information about customer and related data need by sales and marketing representative. System one of important feature is supports territory management, which means that sales representative can be assigned by manager to a specific region. It also provides online reporting on daily basis, to analyze work by the superior.

campus management system

Campus Management System (CMS)

Our Campus Management System is for educational institutes like university, colleges and classes. Campus Management System  incorporates all information like – student portfolio, course registration, library management, hostel management, admission and asset information is captured and stored at once, eliminating data re-entry, reducing errors and resulting better productivity. And system have features of customization to changes with institutes requirements for user friendly purpose.

Document management system (DMS)

Our team have developed a document management system that organizes and structures all your documents in one place and makes access, retrieval, and sharing of documents possible with a single click. Which have function to track document user for security purpose and have user wise authority system to add, edit and delete document.

Dealer Portal

Dealer Portal

Dealer Portal is online solution for organization and dealer, to track real time order status from Organization to Dealer level.  Secondary sales help organization to track dealer level inventory to manage demand and supply to end customer. Dealer portal include online order from dealer, order tracking, past order, special offers for dealers and many more.